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Hypoallergic Sauna Whisk (vihta)

After a long wait finally hypoallergic "Relax Sauna Whisk" is now available in the USA. 


Sauna whisk (vihta) is an essential part of the Finnish sauna. However, not everyone has access to fresh birch branches, or they are allergic to them in the first place. This is where this alternative sauna whisk comes in straight from the small family business in Finnland. 
This recyclable polyethylene redesigned whisk replaces the traditional birch whisks to help promote better blood circulation, allow massage, and relax tense muscles.


You have to wet your whisk in a sauna bucket (you can add essential oils, sauna scents, or sauna baths into the water for the smell effect) and gently massage your skin by whisking movement. 


Made in Finland

Hypoallergic Sauna Whisk (vihta)

  • Plastic PE-LD (+ 90C> -10C). The material can be recycled or disposed of with energy waste.

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